IT Service Management

IT Service Management

Manage and optimize your organization to go beyond IT Service Management.


How can you…

  • Implement organizational change?
  • Do it without compromising your IT service commitments?
  • Get operational and management reporting?
  • Empower a trustworthy executive view?
  • Take advantage of scattered and implicit knowledge across your organization?
  • Maintain and refine your IT strategy?


WideIT assists you with:

  • Centralized management solution
  • Accurate decision making
  • Service view of relevant indicators for business success
  • Facts like customer satisfaction, performance, quality and compliance
  • Visibility on operational activities and integrated reporting
  • Integrated ITSM processes to efficiently achieve business goals
  • An accelerator, a one-stop shop for all your IT management activities
  • Focus on continual service improvement


  • Consulting and operational skills
  • State of-the art integrated solution
  • Ready-to-deploy approach
  • Agile engine
  • ITIL compliant solution
  • Focus on your business needs
  • Knowledge management
  • Business analytics